Dillon Community Church is so grateful for your heart and generosity to the ministries that God has placed on us. Your support allows us to be the hands and feet to serve our church and our community. We know that God is the giver of all good things and calls us to use these blessings “As disciples of Jesus, to Love, Serve and Teach.”

Online Giving

You are welcome to use DCC’s online giving platform for electronic contributions. You may designate your contribution to our General Fund, Benevolence Fund, or other designated funds. You have the choice to make a one-time gift, or set up a recurring contribution cycle, to make monthly giving more convenient.

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PO Box 1979
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Wells Fargo Advisors

Christopher Dickens, Financial Advisor DTC #0121. 303-679-4403. Call Jude for a/c information 970-468-2461

Sunday Collection

Worship service collections. Contact the office at 970-468-2461 if you have any questions and thank you for your generous support!

Haiti Relief

As you are likely aware, Dillon Community Church and its members have been supporting efforts in Haiti that provide needed discipleship, medical care, education, housing and food assistance in the Cap Haitian area near the north coast.  The recent earthquake on the southern area thankfully did not impact those efforts directly, however there continues to be stress nationwide as Covid concerns continue to isolate these citizens and impact our ability to provide in-person services.  The earthquake placed an additional burden on the limited resources their government can provide.

Despite our relief that our specific missions were not directly affected, we feel a need to respond to those most impacted in the south.  Since the government in Haiti is often ineffective (and corrupt at its worst), the most efficient method to help is for Dillon Community Church to send money directly to Haitian Christian Ministries to distribute to those organizations who can make the greatest impact on the ground, and who will distribute resources with integrity and honesty:

1.  Haitian Christian Ministries.  HCM is Dillon Community Church's ongoing partner in Haiti, and dozens of our members and friends have seen those efforts first hand over the past 20 years. They have numerous contacts throughout the country and will direct resources to trusted smaller groups, churches and individuals in southern Haiti to provide medical care, food, shelter and other assistance.
2.  Midwest Food Bank. MFB packages non-perishable meals to send throughout the United States and the Third World.  MFB is working to send additional food to their established distribution locations in the areas affected by the quake.
3.  Mission of Hope. This organization provides both ongoing assistance and disaster response in Haiti and was on the front lines during the 2010 earthquake; our partners have had positive first-hand experience with them.

A generous DCC member has committed a grant of $10,000 to match any donations we generate.  Dillon Community Church is accepting donations for this effort through midnight on Monday, September 13 and we will distribute the funds soon thereafter.  All donations are tax deductible.


Food Bank

To function in the spirit of Loving and Serving, the DCC Food Bank provides nourishment both physically and spiritually to people in need. People use the food bank for a variety of reasons. Most of our clients have lost hours or lost their jobs all together, and the food bank is sometimes the only way they can eat. Others have left an abusive situation and are starting life again from scratch. Some have experienced an unexpected situation, which caused them to exhaust their savings, and now their paychecks can only cover the rent and electric bills. Most importantly, the food bank allows parents to keep nutritional food on the table for their children. Many of us find ourselves at some point in life where we need to take advantage of services like the food bank. At other times, we are blessed with the opportunity to give our time, talent and treasure to help further the cause of God’s work.

Directors: Mike Kermode and Paul Rostek
Volunteer Coordinator: Darla Schmidt
Location: Directly across from the main Church entrance at the back of the parsonage.
Hours of Operation: Mondays 4:30 - 6:00 pm, Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm, Fridays 12:00 noon to 1:30-pm

Do you have questions? Contact the church office 970.468.2461

Educational Classes

Having challenging conversations with your kids (grandkids)

Jim Howard and Dr. Veronica Johnson will lead this one-time class on Thursday, October 21, from 6:30-8:00 pm at DCC. All parents and grandparents are invited. We will give principles and lots of examples! Come and enjoy. Childcare provided.

Reading Quo Vadis with Rob Schmidt

This class begins Monday, Oct 11 at 6:30 pm and will read through Henryk Sienkiewicz's Quo Vadis. This classic Christian novel portrays the romance between a young Christian woman and a Roman patrician. Set in the first century, the novel deals with the life of the early Christians and the world with which they wrestled. It is fantastic!!!

The Life of Christ with Jim Howard

This is an ongoing class on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm where we explore the life of Christ and take an inquisitive look at this extraordinary man who lived such an extraordinary life and you will discover that the life of Jesus is still impacting lives today. Fill out the form if you interested in joining.

A Study of 1 Peter with Dr Judy Diehl

This is an ongoing class on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm where we study 1 Peter. This ancient letter is still relevant for Christians today and helps us live a Christian life during adverse conditions. How do we act according to the teachings of Jesus, in spite of the world around us? Fill out the form if you interested in joining.

Women's Education

Beginning September 23, every Thursday 9am-11am! We will be studying "How Much More" by Lisa Harper. Join us for Study, Breakfast and Fellowship! We still have plenty of hand goop!  For our dear ones in other states, you are welcome to join us virtually via zoom.

Men's Iron Hour

Men’s ministry at DCC is founded on our men’s breakfast: “IRON HOUR.” This breakfast happens EVERY WEDNESDAY MORNING, rain or shine, 52 weeks a year, no exceptions. We enjoy fellowship at 6:00 and serve a hot breakfast at 6:30am, followed by a discussion-oriented study, ending around 7:30. You’re on your way to work or play around 7:30.

Marriage Group

Every fall, Jim and Nancy Howard lead a marriage group for those wanting to strengthen their marriage. The group meets in person for six months and is limited to 8 couples. This group is closed for 2021.

Sunday Education

Dr. Bill Spear will be teaching "Questions from 66 Books" on Sundays at 10am in the DCC Commons. The topics vary throughout the year, are 1 hour in length, and meet inside the DCC Commons. 

Bible Studies, Meetings & Virtual Coffee

DCC uses WebEx as a video conferencing platform. You will receive specific instructions in an email invitation for one-off events and meetings.