Advent 2022: Thursday, December 1

December 1, 2022

I am reading through the Bible in a year. Presently, I am reading in the Minor Prophets. I have been hearing over and over how the Israelites sinned against God by turning away from him. God compared them to the gentiles, who not having the written law, still pleased God by turning to him in their hearts. I see a parallel to the time of Jesus and later Paul, when those who knew the law, were lawless, but the “sinners” heard Jesus and were drawn toward God.

I see another parallelism, as thousands of “Christians” pile into churches this advent season to celebrate Christmas. Who have the law of Christ written in their hearts, those in the church buildings or those outside of the buildings? I am not condemning organized religion, but am thankful for true believers, whose law of Christ is written in their hearts. And at times, I am humbled by what I witness. 

I am so thankful, that my relationship to God is not dependent on my sinfulness or sinlessness. I am praying that God’s Spirit will lead me, and you toward himself and as we get closer to Jesus, that we better understand his heart and do accordingly. 

Oh, to have the God of all creation, humble and loving enough to take on human form and suffer with us and for us!!! It is sobering and breath taking. We are loved! 

See the Christ. The little baby and praise our savior! Enjoy Christmas this year!

Tim Morris, Elder