Advent 2022: Sunday, December 4

December 4, 2022

As I was driving home from work the other day (with all my friends), I had plenty of time while stopped in traffic and thought about the following.  

Several years ago, there was the corporate legend of different groups of people that organized “lingo” bingo games. During corporate meetings, motivational talks and staff gatherings, folks would have a bingo sheet in front of them with all the buzz words of the day. So, during the course of the event, whenever a participant said a key “lingo” word, you were able to check off the buzz word in the square provided on the bingo card. As we know what happens if anyone got a full line, whether vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, they would yell out bingo

Well, as I was driving and having fun with all my friends, I said to myself, “What about a fruit of the Spirit bingo card.” I thought more about it and felt that this idea is brilliant, and that I was ahead of my time and that this surely had never been thought of before.

So, it goes something like this: During the day you have the all the fruit of the Spirit listed in different boxes on your card and as you go through the day and you exhibit or partake in a particular fruit of the Spirit, you can check off the box with that certain characteristic. When you can get towards the end of the day or maybe mid-morning depending on how “Fruity” you are, you get to say “bingo” in a little prayer with the Lord, because you've checked off the row and been able to exhibit the “Fruit of the Spirit”. Have fun!

Jim Anderson, elder