Advent 2022: Monday, December 19

December 19, 2022

A Christmas Tradition our family always looked forward to was picking out our Christmas tree and getting it ready for Santa.

This would be the weekend before Christmas on a Saturday. Mom, Dad and all nine of us piled into the blue wood panel station wagon to get the PERFECT tree. As you can image, nine kids running around a tree lot, we all thought we had the perfect tree picked out. Usually, it came to what our dad thought would fit in the stand and in the living room. So, the tree was picked out placed on top of the wagon and off we headed home.

SO, once the job of lights were done, it was OUR TURN. We as little ones, could only put on the decorations that we made in Sunday school, school or a craft. Now I am only putting my decorations on the lower half and front of the tree of what I can reach. The older siblings were able to put the glass ornaments or the special family ornaments, plus they could reach higher. Once we were all finished with lights and decoration, Angel on the top of the tree, usually leaning, it was time to put the trees skirt under the tree and place the Manger under the tree. We all step back and take a look once Dad turns on the lights... AND wow we were all in awe at the beauty of our tree.

Well years later as an adult the tree has a much GRANDER meaning. My husband and I have cut trees in the past when we lived on the East coast. Since then, we have purchased our tree with lights. In a matter of minutes, connect the three sections of the tree and you have a tree with lights. My dad would be amazed at this new concept!

So, and Dan and I decorate our tree, we unwrap each ornament from it wrappings from last year and it is like Christmas morn again. You never know what ornament you are unwrapping since many come from our travels. This is our time to reflect on our trips and how Blessed we have been to be able to do the travels that we have done.

This is where Advent has more meaning as an adult. We reflect on the Peace, Love, Hope and Joy of advent. The Joy each ornament gives us, the Hope of future blessing to travel, the Love we share with each other at this special Season and the Peace to know that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. So, now when we step back, turn off the lights in the living room and turn on the Tree, The Light of Christmas has Grander meaning of Peace, Love, Joy and Hope.

Merry Christmas and may Jesus light shine in your heart!

Leslie Brooks, wonder woman at the front desk!