Advent 2021: Wednesday, December 15

December 15, 2021

Have you ever pondered the possible humor in the birth story of Jesus? The potential for situational humor is great. Consider this: In Mathew’s account it says, “But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son.” What was the conversation that Joseph had in his head with the Lord? As a guy, I can only imagine. “I know you said that what was conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit, but come on… Really??? Now I gotta wait another nine months and who knows how long! Dahhh!”

Or can you imagine Joseph trying to sell overly pregnant cantankerous Mary on the idea of traveling to Bethlehem for the census? Mary: “He wants a census? A Census? Now??? Well you tell him he can stuff it!” Josheph: “Now Mary, come on, it won’t be that bad.” Mary: “That’s easy for you to say! You won’t have a watermelon pressing down on your bladder the whole way to Bethlemhem.” Joseph: “I’ve got a donkey!?! That’ll make the trip real easy. Smooth. Traveling in comfort like a queen. And besides, Bethlehem is really nice this time of year and the journey is only about 103 miles. Piece of felafel!” Mary: “Don’t you ‘piece of felafel’ me!” 

Or how about this scenario: Inn keeper: “Sorry mate! No room. You can sleep in the barn if ya want.” Joseph: Ahhh… ok… thanks.” (then to himself) “Oh poop! She’s gonna kill me! I knew I should’ve made a reservation. How am I going to sell this one?” (then to Mary) Ahem… hahha… Um… Hey Mary, so… um.. they have given us a very nice room. Plenty of space, nice views, relatively quiet, not too crowded with humans… real nice, quiet luxurious really when you think about it the right way. Quite the experience. Experience of a lifetime really! How do you feel about Egypt?”  Mary: “...” 

Well, it seems funny to me and so I thought I’d share. As it is said, “Laughter doth good, like a medicine.” I have also heard it said that “If there is one noise the devil hates, it is the sound of laughter.” May your Christmas this year be filled with laughter, and I pray that if it is not easily found that you will look for and find it. 

Rob Schmidt, pastor of worship and arts