Advent 2021: Tuesday, December 14

December 14, 2021

As the years have gone by, I’ve noticed myself longing for a simpler time, especially during this sacred season.

This past 18 months has certainly affected my perspectives on so many things, most meaningfully, the incredible gift of life that God has given us all. That life, for every one of us is limited in capacity, talents, perspectives and of course, time. This pandemic has given us an amazing opportunity to observe ourselves and others’ responses to uncertainty and outside influence. An opportunity to trust God’s way and His will, or not.

I have watched so many cringe in fear, devolving into anger and helplessness and judgement. I have watched so many boldly defy, devolving into anger, self-righteousness, and judgement. In each case I have wondered firstly, where am I on that continuum? Secondly, where is our faith in this time of uncertainty and confusion? Where is God?

The manger reminds us that He’s been here all along, of course. Christ was born for such a time as this. This Christmas, yet another reminder of God’s grace and love for us, allows us to stop the internal chaos to let His quiet love, wisdom and provision into our spirits. This brings a calming which helps us realign.  This pandemic has shown us the ugly truth that we are not, after all, in charge of the universe. Who knew?

So now once again, I lean on the knowing that God reigns, and, well… I don’t. A child was born to redeem my life, however long it is, and whatever I do with it. What an amazing Christmas gift… each and every year a new gift of life. How amazing!

May you be blessed with God’s gift of life.

Jude Mitchell, administrator