Advent 2021: Monday, November 29

November 29, 2021

Advent! Ah, preparing for Christmas! This is a good thing.

I grew up in the Presbyterian Church where Advent seemed to be overlooked. But in the fall of 1979, I headed off to the University of Vermont to get an education while playing rugby, drinking lots of beer and chasing the girls. A bold young man came into my dorm room one partying Wednesday night and told me about Jesus. I had heard of Him all my life, but never realized there was a decision to make, a life changing decision. After several weeks of study and discussion, God brought me to my knees, I had to turn to him. I prayed for forgiveness and devoted my entire life, come what may, to Jesus my Savior. This was late fall of 1979.

My first advent, my first Christmas, which was about the Savior of the world, not Santa Clause. I wasn’t even aware of the word Advent at that time. I was just in awe this first Christmas, seeing Christ through new eyes. I was a new creation!

I flew back home for Christmas, to my family and my homies in British Columbia, Canada. The same beer, the same ski slopes, the same old friends I had grown up with, but everything looked different. My old friends were now sons and daughters of the Most High deserving of respect and needing redemption. And skiing wasn’t the end all it had been, it was a gift from God to be put into perspective with all of God’s gifts and subjugated to his Lordship.

I am older now, but still a new creation. I have seen 40+ advents, AND I still need to be in awe of the Lord’s supreme act of coming to earth in human form and calling us all back to God. Let us bow down and worship Him!

Tim Morris, elder