Advent 2021: Monday, December 6

December 8, 2021

In Middle School youth group this month, we’re looking at different Christmas traditions and how we can reach out to different groups of people through them. 

Christmas cards! I always overcomplicate this one and try to find the perfect family picture to send out. But it can be so simple to write a note that says, “I was just thinking of you today, Merry Christmas!” A grandparent, a cousin, a friend who lives far away, how much would they love to hear from you? What a sweet blessing you can give them! 

Christmas cookies! Who doesn’t love them?! A little bag or box filled with cookies and delivered to a neighbor is a simple way to spread some Christmas cheer. Little, unexpected gifts like this can make them feel seen and cared for. 

Service to others! With all the time off work and school, we are given plenty of opportunities to find a way to serve those closest to us; siblings, parents, children. Do her dishes, make his bed, give her the best seat to watch a movie, tell him something you like about him, give her the biggest piece of dessert! 

It’s easy to look at our family tradition as “ours,” instead, let’s use them to include others and bless those around us, near and far!

Jenn Odell, director of Middle School ministries