Advent 2021: Monday, December 20

December 20, 2021

We haven’t celebrated Advent much in our family. So, my thoughts have been more serious towards Advent this year. Perhaps because I feel the stress of work as much as ever, so I am feeling guilty about missing the joy and peace of this season. Perhaps it is because my grown children get a tree and put up lights, but I don’t see them rejoicing in Jesus our Savior. So, I admit, it is with some sadness I look towards Advent.

My gorgeous and precious little girl, Hilary, just had her first child, baby Idris, 5 pounds 8 ounces 😊. Our entire family is rejoicing in this little girl. We think she rocks! Yet she is entirely dependent on us to live. This draws me to baby Jesus in a new way. The irony of the creator with power over all, to put himself in the form of a baby who would die if his teenage mom and clueless dad didn’t care for him. God put his trust, his life in our hands, the hands of humanity in the parents of Mary and Joseph.

 I will put my trust in God. I have hope and now I have peace.

 Tim Morris, father, grandfather, elder