Advent 2021: Friday, December 24

December 24, 2021

World at War

What is the only thing an army can do to win a war? They must invade enemy territory. To set hostages free you must go and pull them out of captivity. A prisoner is chained to the wall. Can he move on his own? The first Adam gave control of the Earth to Lucifer. The second Adam has come to take it back. Jesus has infiltrated the territory of Satan. He has come to set the prisoners free. Free from "everything that entangles" to be able to live as Jesus meant us to. It has been said "we are his hands and feet", we are also his weapons... Only if we "love God and love others". These are the armament of God. Satan can only be defeated by love. As Martin Luther King said: "hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that". This is not a passive resistance; it is being and doing what Jesus has set you free to do. Be the weapon of love.

Merry Christmas,

Tim Seeling, elder