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Update – Sunday June 7

Today we start a new series which will carry us through the summer… A Different Kind of Faith. Christianity has brought so many things to the world that reflect and reveal God’s character. Picture God reaching out to us through the gospel and opening his hand and inviting us into a deeper walk with him and with our community. At one level, this means that our faith is counter-cultural and, therefore, attractive while being challenging. I am excited to walk with you through these many, many gifts brought to us by the Lord.

As we move closer to opening up DCC, and yes we are getting closer, we remain in conversation with our county leaders and now see some pathways through to enjoy being together again. Our primary concern will be to keep everyone safe, while simultaneously enjoying worship together. But don’t worry… we will continue to live-stream Sunday from now on!

Many of you are asking about Worship on the Water (in the amphitheater) this summer. We are hoping to have some form of worship at the amphitheater, but will have to see how the county health orders change. We’ll keep you posted via email.

One more thing, Bruce Butler, one of our elders, has decided to run unaffiliated for County Commissioner, District 3. In order to do this he has to collect signatures to get his name on the ballot. If you desire to help him get his name on the ballot, then come sign the petition in our office. If you are unable to come, we can certainly bring it to you. This is not a vote for him… it is simply part of the process for him to get his name on the ballot. You can vote for whomever you chose once the candidates are identified and the ballot established.

Remember to join us for church this morning at 10:00 a.m. as we live-stream our services on our DCC YouTube channel. You can easily access it by going to Also remember to come join us for communion… we’ll be serving drive-through communion today from 11:30-1:30. Drive around back and I’ll meet you at the rear entrance. No need to get out of your car!

Hang in there and remember to contact us if you need help.

In this together with you,
Jim Howard, pastor