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The Gospel of John
Sunday mornings at 10am taught by Bill Spear.

The Empty Places

Some of our women have been involved with a study that looks at what is “missing” or, the “holes” in our lives. How God deals with that, and what effect it has on our faith.

This time of separation, and, in some cases, alone-ness, has definitely allowed space to evaluate and contemplate the holes that exist in our lives and in our blanket of faith. My blanket is pretty holey, for sure. It reflects the stretching and rending of a willful life, the stain of tears shed in despair, the fraying of disappointment and dashed hopes, the shreds of prayers not answered to my liking. It also represents some of the self-inflicted holes I have “poked” into my blanket – from just being ornery!

My holey blanket is also a holy reminder of the promise that God will fill all the empty places in my life with his grace, if I accept it; with his hope, if I will let it in; with his redemption if I embrace it.

Stay hopeful, as God will redeem us, and we will be able to really embrace again!

Jude Mitchell, church lady