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Lent 2020 – Wednesday, March 18

Prayer… little conversations with God

Having just returned from another DCC Mission Trip I am grateful for all of you who took time to pray for our team! It really does matter! Our Team protocol is that each member share a daily devotion and time of prayer. Meal times, prayer walks, beginning of each clinic day, praying with our patients as needed, and at day’s end…whew! That’s lots of PRAYERS!

For some team members this is an “out of my comfort zone” experience! I try to reassure them nobody is going to critique their methods, nobody’s prayers need to be perfect. Prayer is just a heartfelt conversation with God… RIGHT? There is no magic formula, and it’s not in the words we pray that matter; it’s what comes from within, the condition of our heart. JAMES 5:16 says “Pray for each other.”

I know developing a prayer life is a continual learning/growing experience for me. As an elder (we pray at each board meeting for our DCC community and beyond). I’m still learning to ask God to give me wisdom and confidence in knowing how to pray for others. It’s time to focus on our conversations with God – PRAYER… it will bring us into a deeper and more intimate faith in Him.

For more inspiration Read:  James 5:13-18

Cindi McDonald – elder & DCC Haiti Mission Team Coordinator