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Lent 2020 – Wednesday, April 8

As we move through these times of fear and uncertainty, it has been amazing to watch how people stand up to the plate with strength, honor, love and service to their fellow man. So many people are just doing the right thing. Supporting neighbors and the community in the most beautiful ways while being responsible and safety conscious. Our food bank ministry is a prime example. Other county business people have been amazingly generous to this ministry in these painful times. Our volunteers have upped their efforts with joy and love in their hearts to serve an ever increasing need.

As we prepare to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, we need to remember that he died a horrifically agonizing death in order to be resurrected in the first place. He did this in payment for our sins and our eternal salvation. Thank you Jesus for your service. Can you imagine knowing what your mission as the Messiah involved when you came to the earth as a human then executing it flawlessly? He was ready, willing and able. In these strange and crazy days that are unprecedented, we need to prepare ourselves to endure and prosper again. I love to thank God for being there for me to lean on and provide comfort to me. God is in charge. FAITH… where would we be without it??

Mike Kermode, food bank director