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Lent 2020 – Saturday, April 11

I was walking our dog yesterday and observing the amazing beauty of God’s creation, looking out over Dillon Reservoir to Keystone and the ten mile range, and it struck me what an opportunity we will have as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. As I thanked the Lord for the many blessings we have, I reflected on, and prayed for, others who may not be so fortunate, even if they are financially capable of weathering the impending storm. Lent is known by many as a time of abstinence, sacrifice, and self-denial as we prepare for the greatest sacrifice ever.  

But, it is also a time for following what Jesus taught us by putting others first, and caring for the poor and disenfranchised. During the next weeks and maybe months, who will be there for the sick and quarantined, and those living day-to-day with limited or no income? Who will shop for them, deliver their groceries and other necessities, or bring them medicines so they can avoid exposing others? 

The more I thought and prayed about it, the more I realized that this is a God-sized task, and who better to serve than God’s people? I wondered about our ministries like the food bank, and then I read Darla’s email that we could still serve, but with appropriate precautions for all. We easily could have succumbed to fear and anxiety and just closed shop. Instead, we will step into this opportunity to serve without letting fear determine our actions. 

Why? Because we can see where God is working in our community! Through this difficult time, each of us will see opportunities to serve those we know and those we don’t know. Our hope is that we as individuals, and as a church body, we will step forward when we recognize where God is working and join him in helping those in need. Surely, we can make a small sacrifice (or several) to honor the life-giving sacrifice he made for us.

Rob Strode, elder