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As I look back on my childhood, I lived with a mom who “worried about everything.” She had no peace in her heart. As a child and as a young adult, I could not understand why my mother worried so much! Now as an adult, a wife and mother, it is hard for me to replace my worry with FAITH. Living by FAITH has always been a challenge for me.

In Psalm 91 we learn that God is the guardian of our souls. We are in the palm of his hands. We are all God’s property. The favor of God is over our lives and we can always remind the enemy, “That for me and my Family, we will serve the Lord.” Sickness and depression do not belong in our bodies. In these times of uncertainty, don’t give in to these emotions. God knows how to defeat this enemy. We need to dwell in the house of the Almighty God. He can hide us from this virus and turn our worry into faith.

Being reminded of Easter, we realize what the death and resurrection of Christ means for us. We know that God gave his only Son, JESUS, and if we truly believe this, we have eternal life. Our sins have been washed away and we have LIFE IN CHRIST!!   


We thank you for being the GUARDIAN OF OUR SOULS. We thank you, Jesus, for conquering death on the cross on our behalf. Replace our worry with FAITH and bring us to a place of PEACE this EASTER season. We regard you as the one true God. AMEN

Barb Hofmeister, elder