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Don’t Let the Birds Build a Nest

You cannot stop the birds from flying over your head, but you can stop them from building a nest in your hair.

Those words were written by Martin Luther, a leader of the Reformation, a priest, a believer in Jesus. They seem so appropriate for today. John F Kennedy was assassinated when I was a kid. Like 9/11, those of us who were alive at that time remember where they were and what they were doing. They probably also remember endless hours of television and can easily recall the images of John and Caroline Kennedy standing with their mother, mourning. Is anyone alive today in the US who doesn’t have the image of the crumbling Twin Towers implanted somewhere in their brain? 

As with those tumultuous events, images will remain after the present Covid-19 virus. The first three days or so were full of so many questions and “experts” giving changing advice on self-protection, etc. that the television was constantly on in my house as we were hoping to be on the “leading edge” of this crazy event happening around us. I’m not sure how you have handled things, but it didn’t take long for me to reach my limit on information and emotion around this little microorganism that is changing our lives every day.

One thing I am sure of. Martin Luther was right—we have a choice. We can choose to focus on truth. God knows what is going on and though it is responsible to stay informed, it is likewise irresponsible to ignore the fact that our brains hang on to many things that feed our natural tendency to fret. Fight those birds! Don’t let them build their nest! Instead, focus on what you know to be true.

My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him, He only is my rock and salvation, My stronghold, I shall not be shaken.

(Ps 62:5-6 NASB)

Judy Morgan, elder