Advent 2021: Sunday, December 19

December 19, 2021

GOD, coming for us. What does he want? What is he after?

What was lost at the fall? God walked with Adam and Eve. They were in conversation, learning, give and take, joking (naming animals, not in Latin!) and so much we don't know about. How could we? We have never had that physical as well as spiritual bond. But what was lost is exactly what Jesus came to restore. Did Adam have a set of rules besides the one to live by? Was he concerned with being righteous enough for Eve or God? 

He was just... well, Adam. All the time. And that is who God wanted. God didn't need a caretaker of creation; he could do that with a Word. Why did the Father put the whole of creation into motion? To give something for the man to do? No. God wanted to expand the confines of LOVE. The strongest proof of the Trinity is... LOVE. Can you really love by yourself? You need someone else to love. If God is love... he can't be alone.

God created us to be... us. Sure, we have the Natural Man to contend with. But God created us to be us. Jesus came to rescue... us. Not something we will become some day in Heaven. He wants our hearts, personalities, our attention. He wants US. You are what he wants so he can love us and teach us how to love. Jesus died so we can be free to be us.

Tim Seeling, elder