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The Gospel of John
Sunday mornings at 10am taught by Bill Spear.

COVID Safety Guidelines

DCC has begun meeting in the Town Park in Dillon on Sunday mornings.

It is good to remember that rarely does a church get to publicly demonstrate to our local leadership and our neighbors our commitment to each other’s safety and our strong desire to be good citizens. Our church has a very long and collaborative track record (over 100 years!) working with our local leaders and we will, once again, support them during this challenging time. 

This is especially so as we are reopening in the Town of Dillon Park. The amphitheater is not open so we have been in close contact with the Town of Dillon and County officials and have received permission to open in the park.

Requirements for holding our Sunday gatherings:

Self-Monitoring: If you are sick or in some way feel vulnerable, have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus, or are experiencing symptoms, please feel free to stay home and enjoy the live-streaming of the outdoor service… yes we will continue to live-stream.

Limit on Congregational Size: The CDPHE has limited all public gatherings in the state to 175 for right now. We believe this is doable as we do not have as many tourists as in previous years. We are asking everyone planning to attend to sign-up at the On-line Sign Up. Please take the time to sign up each week. This will help us tremendously as we are required to monitor the numbers.

Protection and Safety: As with all public gatherings, wearing masks as well as 6 ft physical distancing are required between families. Please work hard to help us with this as we will likely have people observing us.

Seating: As with the amphitheater, please bring your own lawn chair, blanket, sunscreen, water bottle, hats and whatever else you need to enjoy the outdoors in a high altitude environment. Also, we have set up the communion tables to mark the outer edges of the seating area. Please find a spot within the area defined by the communion tables.

Overflow: If more than 175 people sign up or show up, we are prepared to use the DCC Sanctuary for the overflow as we have the technology to live-stream in the Sanctuary.

Parking: You can park in the DCC parking lot (the north side of the park), the public parking lot next to the tennis courts (the east side), the public parking lot on the south side of the park, or the public parking lot between the police station and fire department (the west side).

Bathrooms: Facilities are available both in the park and in the church. It is important to remember that only ONE person (or family) is allowed at a time. 

Children: There is no children’s programming or nursery during this phase. All parents are asked to keep their children with them during the service. Julie has prepared children’s packets to give them something to focus on during this time. The packets will be available on the west side of the park (the fire department side). And yes… we’d LOVE to have your children present during our services.

Song Sheets and Bibles: We will not be providing song sheets or Bibles. You can either open the song sheets on your smartphone during the service, or download them at home and print them off before coming. You can access them at

Communion and Offering: We will have four communion tables set up at the park (please set up your chairs inside the communion tables). After service you can go to one of the tables, receive a blessing, and partake in communion as you head to your car. There will also be offering baskets and sanitizing bottles at each communion table. There will be an elder at each table. They will not serve you but will bless you. We are complying with the state health order for touchless communion. It will be clear when you get there.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, we will make a decision to continue or cancel by 8:00 am and will post it on our website. If weather does not permit us to conduct services outdoors, you can stay home and enjoy live-streaming from the comfort of your living room (as we have been doing all during the pandemic). You will not be permitted to come into the sanctuary.

Whew! That’s a lot of rules. Please be in prayer for our church, our members who are compromised or sick, and our neighbors who will be observing us during this time. And… thank you for being flexible during this challenging time.