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Confession of Faith

During this time of “Stay at Home” I’ve had time to reflect on milestone events and circumstances (the “peaks and valleys” we navigate) that have shaped my life. My faith journey began as a small child being brought up in a home with Christian parents. Going to Sunday School is a fond memory followed by a big Sunday dinner prepared by Mom.  

As I grew older, I decided that Baptism and Confirmation Class (strengthening a faith that already exists) was a step I wanted to take to grow closer to God. So in May, way back in 1973 (yes, I’m dating myself), I was Confirmed into our church and started my personal commitment to be a follower of Christ. I wanted to share the Invocation & Confession of Faith from that Confirmation day so long ago, which is still valid today as a reminder that God is always with us! Each day we can come to him and ask that his Spirit fill us with HOPE, PROMISE, and a COMMITTMENT to follow HIM:

Almighty God, it is through the life, death, and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ that we now come boldly to this moment. What you began long ago, make fresh in this hour, we pray, and continue in us forever. We have come in need, reminded of the emptiness of much of life, yet full of hope because of your promise, and supported by love that has reached out to us and taken root among us. Let your Holy Spirit work in us now, so that our words and thoughts may be true prayers, and our acts of dedication adequate responses to your goodness, mercy, and grace, through Christ we pray.  Amen  

Thanks for letting me share this with all of you. I miss our sweet time of fellowship at DCC and look forward to the time we can all be together in REAL-TIME again! Stay healthy and be BLESSED!

Cindi McDonald, elder