COVID Safety Guidelines

July 26, 2021

DCC will begin meeting indoors on Sunday morning October 11th, following a phased approach.

It is good to remember that rarely does a church get to publicly demonstrate to our local leadership and our neighbors our commitment to each other’s safety and our strong desire to be good citizens. Our church has a very long and collaborative track record (over 100 years!) working with our local leaders and we will, once again, support them during this challenging time.


  • General – Please come in through the BACK DOORS (by the kitchen) and we will direct you from there. All other doors are locked from the outside. Remember your masks. We have sanitizing stations set-up around the church with extra masks (if you forgot yours). The nursery will be open for children up to 2 years old.
  • Families with Children – Beginning January 24, we are welcoming our children back into the music portion of our worship service, for 2nd service only! Here is the procedure:
  • We want to do it in a safe way!
  • Bring your MASKED children to the back door of the church (by the kitchen), where we will take their temperature and give them a bag of fun to keep them occupied.
  • Your children must sit with you in the service. Let me say that again, your children MUST sit with you in the service. 😊
  • After the music is done, in an organized way, we will dismiss them to Julie’s care. She will take them downstairs and safely hand them off to their teachers.
  • After church you can pick them up at the top of the stairs leading to the children’s area.
  • AT NO POINT ARE YOU ALLOWED DOWNSTAIRS. Since we share this space with Montessori, it is important that we control who goes down. BTW, we clean the downstairs between DCC and Montessori in order to keep the children in both programs safe.
  • Thank you for helping keep our families safe, while allowing them to enjoy in-person worship.
  • To provide further protection, we are asking those without children to attend the 1st service, and those with children to attend the 2nd service. There will be NO children’s church during the 1st service.

Requirements For Holding Our Sunday Gatherings:

Self-Monitoring: If you are sick or in some way feel vulnerable, have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus, or are experiencing symptoms, please feel free to stay home and enjoy the live-streaming of the outdoor service… yes we will continue to live-stream.

Limit on Congregational Size: All indoor gatherings are limited based on space. We are not currently requiring sign-ups (due to low attendance numbers) though we are counting attendees and doing our best to make sure proper distancing and protocols are followed.

Protection and Safety: As with all public gatherings, wearing masks as well as 6 ft physical distancing are required between families. Please work hard to help us with this as we will likely have people observing us.

Seating: You must come in through the BACK DOORS (by the kitchen) and we will direct you from there. All other doors will be locked from the outside. We have three very large rooms and will seat you as appropriate given the space requirements.

Parking: You can park in the DCC parking lot (the north side of the park), the public parking lot next to the tennis courts (the east side), the public parking lot on the south side of the park, or the public parking lot between the police station and fire department (the west side).

Bathrooms: Facilities are available in the church. It is important to remember that only ONE person (or family) is allowed at a time.

Children: The nursery will be open for children up to 2 years old. For all other children, children’s church will be available during the 2nd service. You will drop your children off at the south door (closest to the park) where someone will check them in and take their temperature (remember their masks).

Communion and Offering: We will have communion tables set up in the Commons. After service you can go to one of the tables, receive a blessing, and partake in communion as you exit the building. There will also be offering baskets and sanitizing bottles at each communion table. There will be an elder at each table. They will not serve you but will bless you. We are complying with the state health order for touchless communion. It will be clear when you get there.

Whew! That’s a lot of rules. Please be in prayer for our church, our members who are compromised or sick, and our neighbors who will be observing us during this time. And… thank you for being flexible during this challenging time.