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Advent Devotion – Wednesday, December 11

Redemptive Love

There is someone in my life that I pray for daily. This person has no idea the affect they have had on my soul. My soul grieves, is filled with sadness, wistfulness, sorrow for lost opportunities… wishing for them that life had been different; innocence protected, loving care given, adult decisions made wisely, dreams nurtured and realized, reality and truth courageously faced.

If I can feel this for another, how, then, must God feel for each of us, his children? When he sees the pain we inflict on ourselves and on one-another, does God, too, grieve? He sent his own Son/Self to join us in our hurting world, to guide our way back to him.

Christmas is the time for joyful celebration, for the Redeemer’s entrance into a real and broken world. When I reflect on the life of my “someone”, I know that the joy-part of Christ’s birth musts be difficult to grasp. The wise men crossed the desert to follow a star of hope, not knowing exactly what they’d find. Perhaps that is what my “someone” is doing daily… following something, searching for hope, without certainty of what they’ll find.

My prayer for my “someone” is that they will find, through the birth of our Savior, transformative redemption, love and acceptance that the world and the broken people in it have not shown.

I know that Christ came to love this person, heal them and redeem them. And me.

Jude Mitchell, church lady