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Advent Devotion – Saturday, December 14

Holiday Blues

Most of us are very fortunate to have friends, family and loved ones to share the holidays with. It’s a great time of joy and sharing. Spending quality time with those closest to us. Maybe reunions with loved ones we have not seen for a while. Many times we take these relationships for granted. We are just used to having these people in our lives. How wonderful that is. 

However, the holiday seasons can be brutally lonely for some. People that may be lonely all year are especially affected during the holidays. We all have friends that are experiencing very tough times. Lost loved ones and those that have not been heard from in years. The holidays only exacerbate their feelings of loss and loneliness. I try to make extra effort to communicate and make others feel that they are important and loved. Perhaps you know of someone struggling through the holidays. Perhaps, if we are aware, we should all reach out and offer some comfort and companionship to somebody in need of it. Merry Christmas!!!

Mike Kermode, food bank director