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Advent Devotion – Monday, December 9

Christmas – A disruptive holiday

While I have great love for this holiday, I am reminded that it is also a disruptive time. Schedules become even more crowded as regular schedules add many once-a-year events. Instead of shopping being a pleasant stroll, it becomes a frantic dash to the mall or the internet. Cooking becomes more than just fixing a meal as candy and cookies need to be prepared. 

The birth of Christ came as a disruption to a young virgin who found herself pregnant while she was anticipating her marriage. Her husband-to-be was troubled by finding her pregnant. Then as Jesus grew in “wisdom and stature” he became a disruption to the society in which he lived particularly to the religious leaders of his day. 

The Christmas season should remind us of the message of the One whose birth we celebrate. If we truly follow that message our lives WILL be disrupted. Jesus does not call us to a life of ease but he desires for us to continue to reach beyond ourselves to help others, to love those who seem unlovable, to turn the other cheek, to accept persecution and ridicule, to give thanks in everything, to rejoice always. Now that can be disruptive! Allow yourself to be disrupted this Christmas and on into the coming year. Continue to love and give generously and never just be satisfied with what you have already done.  

Paul Wardlaw, elder