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Advent Devotion – Monday, December 23

At this time of year we hear the carols of Christmas in church, in the stores we visit, in our homes—the songs proclaiming Christ’s birth—his coming to earth to bring Peace To All Men, Joy to the World and a Holy, Silent Night. 

Amidst this message we hear of shootings in schools, in business places, in churches and synagogues, we see an incivility between each other most of us have never experienced before, we watch our loved ones suffer with disease, we observe “labeling” that causes divisiveness and we spend a lot of energy trying to protect our children, our homes, ourselves from the evils that seem to be growing in our world. 

Where is the Peace, Joy, Tranquility Jesus talked about while he was with us? The world screams the message that these illusive things are possible through our own doing—meditate on something, volunteer in a soup kitchen, play more, exercise more, eat less, etc. etc. 

As Christians we know in our hearts that it is only because Jesus was born and died for us that we have hope that the Peace, Joy and Love so sung about at this time of year are possible even now. He prompts us to pray more, give more, be more grateful, commit more “random acts of kindness”—when those actions come from Christ in us we truly do experience Peace on Earth and Joy in the World. 

Think of the changes we would see if everyone was motivated by the hope and love Jesus’s birth brought to humanity!

Merry Christmas!

Judy Morgan, elder