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Advent Devotion – Monday, December 2

The Advent season as a child was always very exciting to me and my sister Connie. We were only 13 months apart, so we were almost twins! The season always began with baking cookies with my grandmother. She made the best Christmas cookies and she baked a delicious coffee cake every Saturday. A great memory of Christmas Eve was singing in the children’s choir and being part of a Christmas program. I remember being part of an outdoor manger scene with real animals and a “live” baby Jesus. It was cold outside, but it always was special. After the Christmas Eve service, we would eat dinner and then read Luke 2—the story of the birth of Christ. On Christmas Day we returned to Church where it was packed with lots of people, special music and a bell Choir.

At the age of 8, we learned the truth about Jesus (rather than Santa) at Christmas. From that time on, we drew names at Christmas and learned that Christmas was more about giving than receiving. We learned that God loved the whole world and gave his Son Jesus to us (John 3:16).  This baby in the manager would come as a gift to us and be the Savior of the world.

Advent prepares us for the coming of Christ. I love sending Christmas cards and writing a special note in them. The cards that my husband and I receive at Christmas time are saved and the sender of the card is prayed for during the year. My prayer for advent is that one more person hears this amazing story and wants to accept Jesus into their life. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Barb Hofmeister, elder