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Advent Devotion – Monday, December 16

Everywhere we look there are happenings in the world that can cause us to feel a variety of things. Ongoing wars over territory, race, and even religion. Families separated, their possessions seized. Judgment based on class, gender or skin color that causes real harm. People shouting at each other without being able to listen, judging and labeling while problems go unsolved. All of these lead to fear of showing vulnerability, charity and generosity to others because it may cause us to lose something we believe to be scarce.

I have good news: we do not have to live out of a scarcity mindset. We live out of abundance. And in Christ, there is an abundance of mercy… freedom… dignity. We do not have to be afraid to grant to others what we enjoy, because it is not a zero sum game. He grants to us what He has freely and with abundance. We know this to be true with the spiritual. It is true with the material and social aspects of life as well. We can have confidence in working to counteract suffering or oppression when we see it, without fear of oppression in return. We can give freely of our resources, knowing He has provided all that we need – because we have a promise that, even if we suffer for a little while, in the end all things will be made right. We can show true love to others, just like He has shown us.

In his Name, all oppression shall cease.

Merry Christmas!

Shane Ardell, tech & web support