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Advent 2018 – Thursday, December 6

“This fish taco is pretty tasty, but it is nothing like The Stuffed Surfer’s!” If you are like me, you have certain “gold standards” of excellence by which you compare experiences. Your “gold standard” vehicle might be a vintage classic, or a new Rubicon. Your snowscene might be Copper or A-Basin. My “golden” fish taco is found with bare toes in the sand of Newport Beach in SoCal. At the end of 15th Street, right next to the coolest elementary school in the world (the playground is built on the beach), is a nondescript building that serves tacos out the window facing the Pacific sky. Taste there is contextual—the sound of the waves, freshly grilled Mahi, palm trees swaying, perfectly balanced white sauce, beach bikes and blankets, abundant cabbage slaw, salty ocean air—a deeply satisfying experience.

Which surfaces the question: What does your relationship with God TASTE like? Do you anticipate time with the revealed Jesus as your “gold standard” for all relationships? Psalms 22-24 were often connected in Hebrew teaching traditions. David describes a trusting relationship with God using wonderful “foody” metaphors. In 22:26-29 he says the experience is like the hungry poor receiving the rich food of the Fellowship Offering (Lev 7) and being “deeply satisfied” as they “feast and worship” together. In 23:1-2 the provision for the sheep includes “rich pastureland” and “cool, clean water.” Later in 23:5 he alludes to a “banquet table” filled with wonderful culinary creations. Psalm 24:1, 5 portray a “perfect place fit for flourishing” in which the “blessings of plenty” flow from the LORD’s holy place.

This Advent, stop to enjoy and revel in life with Jesus as your “gold standard” of tasting the Goodness of God in relationship!

Mark Hill, assistant pastor