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Advent 2018 – Thursday, December 13

Have you ever noticed that when you step into an environment where there is either a pleasing or noxious scent that you soon don’t notice it? That is the wonder of this sense of smell. Somehow the awareness seems to dull.

When I reflect on the smells of Christmas, I think of entering a home where fresh baking smells assault my senses. The aroma of baking Christmas cookies and candy is delightful. However, because of the nature of our sense of smell, it is not long before we are less aware or not aware of this enticing smell. The same sweet smells will be there, but we will not be aware of them again until we reenter the area. If I want to experience that assault of good aromas again, I just step into the garage for a moment and reenter the house to again experience those wonderful smells.

There is a lesson here as we look at the weeks of Advent. Do we continue to renew our wonder at the Hope that Christ brought into our world? Or do we become so caught in the mundane and “have to’s” of these weeks? Let’s refresh our experience by purposefully entering each day with a renewed sense of this great Gift and carrying it with us through each day.

Paul Wardlaw, elder