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Advent 2018 – Sunday, December 16

In an age of stimulation through social media it seems that human beings have lost the importance of actual relationships. People obsess over the posts that get them the most “likes” and often forego physical connection with a person for the anonymity of the Internet. People are losing the impact of a gentle hug or the commitment of a firm handshake instead attempting to reach out through a text message. We’re more “connected” than ever before yet lacking an essential aspect of human communication: touch.

During the holidays we often seek that lost physical connection and travel thousands of miles just to spend a weekend being able to embrace the ones we love. We are seeking an experience that helps us *feel* the importance of the holiday season.

A warm hug from Mom, a pat on the back from Uncle Joe or a kiss on the cheek from Grandma, these things allow us to share the actual gift of the season: togetherness through gathering and touch, just as Christ intended.

Julie Andrews (and Mitch), children’s ministry director