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Advent 2017 – Wednesday, Dec 20

Anticipate. That’s what I think of when I think of the Advent Season. The anticipation of something great to come.

As a parent, we anxiously anticipate the excitement in our children’s eyes as they approach the tree on Christmas morning. What surprises are wrapped inside? As a family member and friend, we anxiously anticipate the gathering of friends and family to celebrate the Christmas season together. ​And, as Christians, we anxiously anticipate the reminder of God’s greatest gift to us, his Son, Jesus.
Do you ever wonder what Mary was thinking as she carried this child? She’s giving birth to the King of the Earth, yet he is presented as a helpless baby that she is tasked with raising. What does that mean exactly? Imagine her anxiety, her self-doubt, and… her anticipation.  

What if you were a shepherd in the field and the sky is suddenly filled with angels! Wow! What do you think they anticipated they would see? The Wise Men? Really? Trekking miles and miles to see this new King… imagine their anticipation!  
But I don’t think their anticipation ended with seeing this baby in a manger. Because what can a baby do? The anticipation continued. They laid their trust in God that this child would truly become a King—a Savior. Did any of them ever anticipate the miracles Jesus would perform? Did they anticipate the cruelty he would endure to bring us all closer to God?  Did Mary ever anticipate that she would see her son hung on a cross?  
Anticipate—Expect, foresee, predict, be prepared for, bargain on, and reckon on.
I like “…be prepared for”

Are you prepared?

Rick Nelson, elder