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Advent 2017 – Wednesday, Dec 13

When I was 31 weeks pregnant with my twin boys I developed severe preeclampsia and became very ill. Medical professionals had to intervene in order to save the lives of, not only my twins, but to save my life as well. Delivered by emergency C Section at exactly 32 weeks, my children would remain in the hospital for the next 56 days while they grew, developed their strength, learned how to breathe on their own, and even drink milk. Together with the nurses, Mitchell and I taught them to eat; one tiny bottle at a time, we helped them to breathe, we nursed them to health. Mitchell and I sacrificed and found balance each day to maintain the simplest things: paying bills, buying groceries, maintaining relationships all seemed overwhelming while caring for our children who had taken up residency at a Denver hospital. As we nurtured and cared for our children, we also realized that God was nurturing us. Finally, after 8 long weeks in the NICU, we were told we could take our babies home. I’ve never felt such joy and such fear in one moment.

I imagine that my relationship with Christ has many of the same struggles Mitchell and I faced with Liam and Logan’s premature birth. We can find ourselves having to leave a comfortable place and take a leap into the unknown, perhaps before we think we’re ready. After taking that leap, we rely on Christ to help develop our strength and grow our spiritual desires and maturity. This Christmas season I reflect on the miracle of Liam and Logan’s birth and the gift of life they were given by God’s grace.

Julie Andrews, children’s ministry director