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Advent 2017 – Tuesday, Dec 12

Each Christmas an illustrated book version of the Christmas Story emerges from our footlocker of ornaments and decorations. While the target audience of this book may be younger children, it is a beautiful story, and we often forget how selflessly Jesus socially demoted himself to enter our world. Sometimes lost in the focus on the crèche scene are the references to light throughout the story. The shepherds were understandably initially terrified by the bright light of the glory of the Lord which illuminated the inky darkness of the night. Of course the angel was announcing good news, the light of the world. The Magi, led by a supernaturally bright star, travelled great distance to worship Jesus, the King of the Jews, the bright Morning Star (Rev. 22:16). 

It is no coincidence the exact time the star appeared was the moment Jesus was born to rescue us from the darkness of sin and death. The light had entered the world in a new and forever transformative way. As Jesus’ earthly life was slipping away on the cross, it is no coincidence darkness enveloped the world. The light was dying and departing from humanity. Fortunately in yet another flash of light, an angel rolled back the stone that sealed the tomb. “His appearance was like lightning and his clothes were white as snow.
The Bible begins in Genesis 1:3 with God speaking light into existence. While the story and glory of God are overwhelming to us, Jesus reassures us many times by saying, “Don’t be afraid.” Since Jesus has paid the price for our sin, we can live a life covered by his grace. This is real freedom! Are you letting your light shine?
This year I have spent a lot of time considering what elements and commitments in my life prevent me from moving closer to God. This Christmas take time to consider what habits, behaviors, activities, distractions, and sinful ways are preventing you from growing stronger in your relationship with Jesus Christ?
The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. May the comfort and joy of Christmas bless you and your family as 2017 comes to a close.
The Butler family (Bruce, Maggie, and Bella)