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Advent 2017 – Sunday, Dec 24

“The simple life”
As another year cruises by and my commitments seem to increase exponentially, I find that my life—which I believe was once quite simple—has become anything but simple. It seems that the new norm in today’s culture, directly relates to how busy we are; either at work, play, with family or dare I say at church? A philosophy where “busyness” is sold as a means to happiness.

I am reading the book, The Radical Disciple, by John Stott. The fifth chapter talks specifically about simplicity and the blessings and the challenges that it creates. As Christians we are called to be set apart, to live in this world but not of this world. 

During Christmas, when consumerism really entices, and our time is often stretched to the limit, I wonder what message living “A simple life” would send? As there is nothing simpler than a child’s faith and the gift that was given so long ago. 

In this Advent season, my prayer for all of us, is the ability to re-capture “A simple life” and to share it with those we love.

Brett Confer, elder