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Advent 2017 – Sunday, Dec 10

As Christmas approaches this year, I am reflecting on how amazing the Word of God is. It truly is living, active and affects you differently each time you read it. Recently I have been studying Ecclesiastes. Listening to the author’s failed attempts to find real meaning in just about anything in this world has really started me thinking.

My kids continue to grow and my oldest child is beginning preparations to go to college. I am realizing once again that almost everything in life is guaranteed to change. Whether it is relationships, employment, health, death, or just about anything else you can name, changes and uncertainty will come sooner or later. It is very easy to become overwhelmed and frantic. Where can peace be found?

The story of Christmas is HOPE and it never changes. It is the best and only true anchor in life. God acted on our behalf. He sent HIS SON to fix our brokenness. THAT is where the peace lies. I pray that God’s peace will find you this Advent season. Don’t just know the story, let it into your heart!

Jeff White, elder