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Advent 2017 – Monday, Dec 11

One of the biggest traditions of Christmas is the giving and receiving of presents. I’m not going to lie; I love that part about it! And I truly do love to give gifts as much as I love receiving them. And now as a mom of two young children, Christmas morning has that much more excitement about it as I get to watch my boys shriek with joy as they unwrap their gifts.

I am not entirely sure where the tradition of giving and receiving on Christmas began, but we do know that the Magi brought gifts to baby Jesus so many years ago. Perhaps our present day tradition is a reminder of what these men did.

As I was praying about what to write in this devotional, I was challenged to think about what gift I could bring to Jesus this Christmas. We will still buy our friends and family gifts, but I want to be generous towards Jesus this year too. What can I give to him? Maybe it’s my time, serving someone else, loving someone who is hard to love, or forgiving someone. I am not sure just yet. I encourage you to think about that too. How can you bless Jesus this Christmas season?

Darla Schmidt, administrative assistant