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Advent 2016 Day 9

This is a time of year when I really look forward to spending time with my family and all the traditions that go with it. When Debbie and I first had our two boys, it was important to us to start our own family traditions with them. We have a tradition in our family that after we go to Christmas Eve service, we come home and spend family time in front of the fireplace. Ever since our boys were little we read the same 3 Christmas-related stories every year, then after doing that each of our boys would exchange the gift they got for each other. Now it is not just mom and dad who read the books, but the boys will read one as well. Funny thing is, I think they get as much enjoyment out of doing this today in their early 20’s as they did when they were much younger.

We all need traditions in our life to pass on. Just as we celebrate the birth of Jesus this time of year, we need to slow down and enjoy our family and friends we all have whether close or far. I hope that someday my boys start their own traditions with their families when the time comes. But most of all, I hope they find a church family like DCC and realize that as children of Christ we all need this extended family as well.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Rick Nelson, elder vice-president