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Advent 2016 – Christmas Eve

Over fall break this year, our family (and my dad!) traveled to the Grand Canyon to hike down to Phantom Ranch… Yes, the bottom of the Canyon. The Colorado River. This has been on Jon’s bucket list for several years. It was NOT on mine.

Jon gave me the out, but in the end two things caused me to agree. First, Jon was SO excited about it and, second, I was not about to send my family off and not accompany them. At this point I am hoping that I’ve painted a pretty clear picture!

Anyway, finally a couple of weeks in advance of our trip, things became real. At one point I told my friends the hymns I wanted at my funeral. (I was only half joking by the way.) Through my panic, friends were calling me and texting me to tell me that they were praying. Hmmmm… In my panic, I realized that I had not given this trip to God. I was just doing what I needed to do to get this trip checked off the list. I started praying. Every time I worried, I prayed. When I was packing, I prayed. When we were driving to school and talking about our trip, we prayed.

The trip was the trip of a lifetime for our family. A little hike for some. A major accomplishment for others, but we did it… TOGETHER. At one point, while I am just simply trying to breathe, Mary Grace started singing “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!” Jac (the pack mule) decided to complete the last mile and a half behind me. (The rest of the trip he was a mile ahead of me. Truth!)

This trip was a gift. It was a brilliant reminder to me that God’s got it all figured out. The easy stuff. The hard stuff. The fun stuff. The tough stuff. I have to choose to rest in his peace.

As we enter this Advent season, I pray that you can rest in the peace that only God can provide.

Anneke Crowe, children’s ministry director