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Advent 2016 Day 26

As we near the day we celebrate our Savior’s birth, I can feel the tension building, here at church and out in the world too! Christmas is a day that we all strive to be together whether or not we are believers in Christ! Why is that? Perhaps it is because it is a day that we allow ourselves Hope. A day we seek Joy. A day we pray for Peace, and a time to focus on Love.

People take time off work, travel through blizzards, crazy busy airports, and crowded ski areas… just to be together.  I think that being together is it.  It is where the tension is released, where love prevails and where Christ is the center of our focus. So for those of you who travel, for those of you who await company and for those of you celebrating with DCC and friends, feel the tension and release it to the one who will replace it with Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love.  

Cindy Provorse, administrative assistant