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Advent 2016 Day 18

The beginning of this winter has been warm, to say the least. Usually Summit County has had a couple of months of cold temps and snow by Thanksgiving. While many people have really enjoyed the extended summer, it has surely been out of the norm.

What was really interesting was watching everyone’s reactions when the first real snowstorms made their way into the county in the last few weeks and the temperatures started to drop. Some folks were giddy and acted like it was their birthday. Many in the ski business expressed huge waves of relief that the weather seemed to be finally turning. Radio announcers talked about the coming snow between every song. It seemed to be the topic in almost every conversation at the checkout line at the grocery store.

This has me thinking about Advent. How much more should I be looking forward to the coming Christ. I want my excitement and desire for Christmas to be off the charts. I pray that in this often-times-too-busy holiday season, I really bring Jesus to the forefront of my daily thought. I want to be seeking him much more than the next powder day and feel the joy and confidence that the Savior came for me.

Jeff White, elder treasurer