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Advent 2016 Day 11

Staying Hope-Full…

We live in times of fear, despair and terrible anxiety. Just turn on the TV or go online to hear the tone and tremor of “what if’s; if only’s; what are THOSE PEOPLE (not us, of course) thinking?” We are exposed to hopelessness at high volume, hi-speed, and high emotion. Even as we sit safely in our homes, we allow hopelessness in like a valued visitor. It pollutes our capacity to see what is around us clearly, to trust with the confidence God planted deeply in us, or even to see as sacred, the cherished loves and blessings we hold in our hands.

People of faith are submitting to the fear-factor, too. Have we forgotten the hope of Christ? Have we forgotten that the purpose of Christ’s coming is our eternal hope through grace? And… just saying… if we are truly confident in God, how can we not be hope-filled?

I recently read Romans (8:24), “For, in this hope we were saved. Now, hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?” Boy, isn’t that the truth? Who among us hopes for what we see? Isn’t our hope in the unseen God? Evidence is all around us of God’s grace, his providing, and his desires for us. He sent his Son to show us how to live. How to love. To be our hope.

My prayer for us all this Christmas, it that we celebrate! Be Hope-Full! Filled with the light of a God who loved us enough to send his Son to light the way to our eternal future in him.

Jude Mitchell, Church-lady perpetually in training