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Advent 2016 Day 10

Do you have family Christmas traditions? In our family, those traditions are a blend of traditions that came from both sides of the family.

When I was growing up, our traditions mostly centered on gathering with family—sometimes at one of my Grandparent’s home, sometimes in our home. We’d get up on Christmas morning to open gifts and enjoy time together. By the time Christmas dinner came around, I know the adults were exhausted from all of the activity around the house on Christmas Day.

In Marty’s Family, Christmas was a little different. Their tradition began with church on Christmas Eve, followed by opening gifts at their house afterwards. Christmas day meant dinner at her Aunt Helen’s house with the family members that lived nearby.

After we got married, and we started our own traditions, I realized that something had been missing. For all those years growing up, I didn’t have much focus on what Christmas is all about. I learned that it’s not the fellowship we share with family and friends, the gifts we exchange or the music we listen to that should be our central focus. These are great elements of tradition that happen only during Advent season. Our traditions need to include a focus on the precious gifts that God gave us—Jesus Christ and everlasting life! As we celebrate family Christmas traditions, remember God’s gifts!

We are grateful in this season for friends, family, and the times we are able to share together. Please help us to sharpen our focus on you and the precious Gifts you’ve given us. It is in your Son’s precious name we pray.

Rich Ferris, elder secretary