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Advent 2015 Day 9

Winter is finally back in Summit County. Along with the things that we love, namely all of the winter sports, there are also all the headaches we dread at this time of the year. Abundant traffic, chain laws, creative drivers and road closures are just a few of these. As I have watched this happen for a long time, it amazes me, year after year, as to what we will put ourselves through in order to go slide around on the snow at one of the local resorts. Along with fairly sizeable financial commitments, we are willing to sit in hours of stop and go traffic in all kinds of conditions, sometimes risking life, limb and our car bumpers in order to have that “Epic” day we long for. I have a lot of those days in my memory and when it is snowing hard, I am ready for another.

As Christmas approaches this year, it has me thinking. I want my life to be one that I am willing to grow in my relationship with God; much more than the winter sports of Summit County. Christ left heaven to come build a relationship with me. I want Jesus to be more than a casual acquaintance. I want to desire him more than any activity and be willing to go through anything to bring him more into my life.

Thank you God for sending your Son. Have an “Epic” Christmas this year.


Jeff White, elder