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Advent 2015 Day 20

What is peace? A calm, still feeling on the inside. Where can we get one of those feelings? And, how can we have it all the time? The calm and still feelings I ‘sometimes’ have don’t usually last very long. I hope all of you do have even more of them than I experience.

But, I am almost positive those feelings are not the peace that passes all understanding. Logically, rationally, experientially the peace of God is not just a calm still pleasant feeling. To me peace is the assurance that all of the devious schemes of the world cannot defeat the redeeming actions of The God of Heaven.

Do we need to be different to have peace? Or, can I just be me? Is my failure to love others a reason not to be peaceful? I’m not sure Philippians 4 really explains the peace that Jesus brings. What could possible make me think I offend someone?

At a recent bible study one of the participants lamented about not being able to adequately express his faith to unbelieving friends. Several of us jumped in with educational ideas. But, wouldn’t it be better just to love him? On the other hand, being ourselves in fellowship seems better. Making the main thing the main thing seems to be difficult…or is it? Just being self and accepting everyone else for who they are. Why should we want to change anyone? Wouldn’t it be better just to accept them and love them for who they are? I do try to love everyone I meet. Surely my efforts fall short and sometimes even offend.

Just know that God is in control and all is well. It is the only peace that works.

Frank Butler, elder