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Advent 2015 Day 2

As Christmas approaches, we are reminded of the birth of our youngest daughter Allie.

The simple history is that she was a very sick girl when she was born. It all began with the usual doctor visit; before heading out for a quick getaway to Moab with some friends. During the visit the doc seemed a little worried and decided to send us down to Denver to see a specialist. After a quick examination by the specialist we were then sent to University hospital for admittance. We were told to get comfy cause we were not leaving until Sandy gave birth. We still had about three months to go. Allie arrived early and we ended up spending the next 87 days at Children’s Hospital in Denver.

I say all this, not to speak of the miracle of Allie’s birth, but to the love that was shown to us by the DCC family. We had only just started attending DCC the year before and had met only a few people. However, when the word spread of our situation, we immediately felt God’s love and support through people we had barely met or did not know. I think we may still have a frozen dinner in the freezer. I felt for the first time the awesome power of the church body and what a community of believers is all about. So, this advent season we are truly thankful for our Church family and the faith that comes from knowing we are not alone in this life.


Brett Confer, elder