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Advent 2015 Day 12

I knew there would come a time when I would see my parents grow old and the challenges that come with it. I’ve experienced it along with my friends and acquaintances as we discuss the difficult decisions and eventual loss of a loved one. I think about all the years of family gatherings to celebrate the birth of Christ. I think about the anticipation of traveling to see family or awaiting the arrival of family. I reflect on the years as I grow older along with my siblings and how the meaning of Christmas became more personal and the relationship with my Savior more meaningful.

We saw my Grandparents beaming with joy at a house full of grandchildren and family. We saw my Grandparents grow old and before we knew it they were gone. We saw the joy of new beginnings as my parents became grandparents and they watched their grandchildren grow into adults who carried on the inheritance  of faith in the one true living God. We have experienced the joy of having our own grandchildren strengthening our faith, giving us hope, and giving us peace.

As the Advent season prepares our heart, reflect on the relationship we have with our Messiah. Give the gift of grace to the friends and family that we have been so blessed with.


Loren Vawser, elder