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Advent 2015 Day 1

The 1st Sunday of Advent! After looking at the miraculous beginnings the past few weeks (Isaac, Moses, Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptizer), we have a sense of what’s coming… the Messiah! The miraculous beginning of the Messiah marks the beginning of the greatest event in world history. God did not forget us. He remembered his promises and came back for us, to rescue us.

This Christmas season we will sing the all-familiar Christmas songs, light the Advent candles, decorate our homes, and enjoy our friends. We will enjoy family in ways that often seems elusive the rest of the year. We will, for a brief moment, reflect on the birth of Jesus! And we should! But I pray that your reflection and celebration this Advent season will be one that brings deep joy and blessing, knowing that God loved you enough to send the Coming One… for you and for me. At no other time in history has a simple event demonstrated such great love.

Merry Christmas!
Jim Howard, Pastor