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June 13-September 5


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Dillon Community Church desires a worship culture truly reflecting Col. 3:16 paralleled with Eph. 5:18b-20. On a weekly basis, the concept of worship Jesus spoke in Jn. 4:23-24 with the “mind in truth,” and with the “spirit in heart” is articulated some time during some component of each service.

Since the congregation is a true melting pot befitting a non-denominational community church in a resort area, the litmus test or “primary worshipper” is the Senior Pastor, who is also the “primary voice” of the church. His ability to worship God in an environment that resonates with his personal spirit, vision for the body, and preference of style and culture is of utmost importance to those who lead the worship experience. The A/V teams, instrumentalists, vocalists, ushers, and servers are encouraged to function from these Core Values:

In keeping with the church Core Value of Conscious Awareness of Our Neighbors, we sing familiar songs both old and new, providing accessibility to people from many church backgrounds and regional locations. Our style would be described as “blended” incorporating contemporary Christian “top 100” songs as well as traditional and modern hymns. The lyrics to any congregational element are projected onto a screen promoting involvement. Our emotional convention aims for encouragement and celebration, without hype or emotional manipulation in a “family-friendly” atmosphere. Dress is professional/casual, often with individuals in activity-related clothing for snow or other sports. Neckties and sport coats are confiscated at the door and ceremonially burned for your protection. We culminate our gatherings by celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ through the communion elements shared together in an “open invite” manner every Sunday.

In keeping with the church Core Value of Unity in the Spirit, multiple entry points are provided into various music teams for regular attenders with a broad spectrum of skill sets focusing qualification on heart and attitude over performance presence. Our worship bands vary week by week featuring guitars, piano, hand percussion, strings, and multiple vocalists. Rather than having a separate “student team,” we incorporate Middle and High School students with adults on a weekly basis. 30% of our congregational family is directly involved in our music program playing instruments, singing vocals, or working with the A/V presentation. Special-event based adult and children’s choirs lead worship occasionally throughout the year.

In keeping with the church Core Values of Prayer as an Integral Discussion, Growing Intimacy in Our Relationship with Christ, and Strong Teaching of Biblical Truth, a liturgy is fostered every Sunday with both energy and contemplation targeting the heart (“…true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit…”) and the mind (…and in truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks…” John 4:23). Our gatherings target 70 minutes in length, typically divided into halves with the sermon occupying the second half. The first half regularly includes responsive collective readings of scripture, creeds, and prayers mingled into the songs. We incorporate a weekly time for one-on-one prayer with men and lady leaders while we share communion. We collect offerings as an act of worship, and include baptisms, child dedications, reception of new church members, and other worship ceremonies as needed.”